Engagement Model

Fixed Price

Fixed price model is ideal when project requirements are clearly defined. Our team go through the requirements, estimate the project scope and provide delivery schedule along with fixed price for the complete project. Any change in requirement, or addition of new  functionality need to be mutually agreed by customer and Nubys Technology, and the same will be estimated, charged separately.

Time & Material

Time & Material​

Time and Material model is recommended when project requirements can’t be clearly defined at the outset. T&M model offers flexibility to customer to accommodate changes in requirements, unplanned activities during project development phase. In T&M model, Nubys technology offers skilled, experienced consultants and actual consumed development efforts are billed at the end of every month.

Dedicated Team

In dedicated offshore team model, Nubys technology provide a pool of skilled, experienced resources to work with customer. The team can be ramped up/down as per project need. Client has full control, visibility on day to day working of team. This enable customer to take full advantage of offshore outsourcing, including cost-effective resources & flexibility.In short, your own team at a fraction of cost.